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nppn company

nppn-company is a design and research firm that specializes in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. With over 10 years of experience in these areas, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to developing unique and context-specific solutions that are informed by the latest research and technology in the field. We believe that knowledge and experimental design are key to creating “future space,” and we use a range of approaches, including computational design, water sensitive urban design, industrial ecology, and synthetic biology, to achieve this goal. In addition to our design work, we also focus on researching and addressing flood resilience in urban systems, with a commitment to developing sustainable and effective solutions to this critical issue.

Founded in Bangkok in 2016 by Nattapoom Rub-come-in and Polpat Nil-u-bon, nppn-company has a strong international network, with offices in Bangkok, Seoul, and Tokyo through The Workshop. We also have an educational platform, uddu academic, which allows us to share our knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.




nppn company
We will announce our activities for at least one time a month, such as existing projects, workshops, courses, and researches. We would like you to join our place during the opening working day and our course work.
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