Kaeng Khoi – Everyday life: A colurful lives



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Kaeng Khoi, Thailand




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KAENG KHOI – Everyday life: A Colorful lives
Kaeng Khoi is a district of Saraburi province, where Pasak river flows through important communities, including water, land, and rail transportation. The importance of the community of Kaeng Khoi caused many historical stories of the city. For example, the Allied incident bombing the Kaeng Khoi community in World War 2, Faith Of Luang Por La at Kaeng Khoi Temple, etc. When the intersection of the Mittraphap road made the former center city just a passing town. People head to the tourist spots around Muak Lek Khao Yai, which are characterized by nature, Sao Hai and Phra Phutthabat are unique in culture and religion.

The role of Kaeng Khoi is focused on “Historical cities and traditional communities” The main goal is to create the production of space to be livable, promote activities, and creative economic space as the context memories image. It started with the railroad community that would be demolished to rebuild high-speed rail. Improve the old railway community to become a community of Kaeng Khoi people activities. Connected from the old train station building And kept some of the original house buildings, transforming them into shops, cafes, communities. Developing an area along the Pasak River as a resting area Create landmarks from the past connected to the wooden building, Tha nam market is a source of local food and arts. Promote the Riap Santisuk road that is the main line of the economy as a city plaza. It is a commercial district and a weekend tourist destination. Kaeng Khoi temple, such a center of communities, consists of a walkway around to learn about the history, the beauty of the community, the market, and the local life. Finally, Kaeng Khoi Community Design focuses on the everyday life of Kaeng Khoi people with the programming of “A colorful lives” in the city, causing the transition from a town on the passageway. It is a must-visit town for visitors.