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The project that NPPN Company worked on was a one-year design and construction project for a new kindergarten in Rayong province. The project was focused on creating a child-centered and theory-based learning environment that was also integrated with flood adaptation measures. One of the key components of the project was the inclusion of delay solutions to mitigate the impact of flooding on the facility.

The representative from NPPN Company explained that the design of the kindergarten was intended to be a new standard for Thailand, with the goal of implementing the same criteria in other locations around the country. The design also incorporated principles of universal design, with the aim of creating a facility that would be accessible and inclusive for all children.

According to the representative from NPPN Company, the design process for the kindergarten project was highly collaborative and involved input from a variety of stakeholders, including the local community, parents, teachers, and government officials. The team also conducted extensive research on best practices in early childhood education and flood adaptation measures to inform the design of the facility.

One of the key challenges of the project was finding ways to incorporate flood adaptation measures into the design of the facility without sacrificing the aesthetics and functionality of the space. The representative explained that the team worked closely with flood experts to understand the specific flood risks in the area and develop appropriate solutions. This included the use of delay solutions such as raised foundations, flood barriers, and water storage systems to protect the facility and minimize disruption to the learning environment in the event of a flood.

The representative also emphasized the importance of creating a child-centered and theory-based learning environment that would support the development and well-being of the children who would be attending the kindergarten. This included designing flexible and adaptable spaces that could accommodate a variety of activities and learning styles, as well as incorporating natural elements and outdoor spaces to encourage exploration and creativity.

The representative from NPPN Company reported that the kindergarten project was successfully completed on time and within budget, and has received positive feedback from the local community, teachers, and parents. The facility has proven to be resilient to flooding and has been able to continue operating with minimal disruption even during times of heavy rainfall.

Overall, NPPN Company felt that the project was a success and was proud of the team’s ability to deliver a high-quality facility that met the needs of the local community and supported the development of young children. The company hopes that the design of the kindergarten will serve as a model for future projects in Thailand and beyond, and that it will help to set a new standard for early childhood education in the country.


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