Red pipe station



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Saphan Khwai




Education and knowledge centre


Red Pipe” is an architectural project centered around the development of an education, workshop, and knowledge center. The design of this project is carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of the client while also addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

The architectural concept of “Red Pipe” focuses on creating a seamless integration between various components of the center. Notably, the auditorium and workshop spaces are connected, facilitating a dynamic and collaborative environment for learning and creativity. Moreover, a deliberate connection between the workshop area and the surrounding landscape is established, promoting a harmonious relationship between the built and natural environment.

In response to the challenges posed by climate change, the project incorporates innovative design strategies to enhance urban resilience. A notable feature is the utilization of the roof as a delay component for water elements. By implementing this approach, the project aims to slow down the movement of water before it reaches the ground or ground water, thus mitigating the risk of flooding and improving overall urban resilience.

The design also considers the coexistence of private and public programs within the center. These programs are thoughtfully placed on opposite sides to ensure a balanced and efficient utilization of space while fostering a sense of inclusivity and community.

Additionally, the project prioritizes the well-being of the occupants by carefully considering air ventilation systems. The design aims to create a healthy and comfortable environment that supports the overall quality of life for individuals utilizing the center’s facilities.

“Red Pipe” goes beyond its architectural functions and extends its impact to address flood adaptation measures. By integrating flood-resilient design principles, the project aims to enhance the city’s overall resilience in the face of climate change. These measures include strategic site planning, the implementation of flood-resistant materials, and collaboration with experts in flood management to incorporate innovative solutions into the design.

In summary, the “Red Pipe” project presents an innovative architectural design for an education, workshop, and knowledge center. The project demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, climate change adaptation, and urban resilience by integrating features that enhance the overall functionality, environmental performance, and safety of the center.